This One Got Away

There is a vintage store in my neighborhood that I had written off because everything seemed so pricey albeit in pristine condition.  That's not really my kind of vintage store, if you know what I mean.  I'm less "collector" than "likely to tailor to whatever the feck I want" so it's usually pointless for me to shop in those kinds of places. 

I visited the store again on a fluke recently and was pleasantly surprised.  Not because I didn't find it to be full of lovely condition clothing at higher prices than I'm used to but because I found something I liked enough to lay down 88 bones.  (The place is Rosebud Vintage, if anyone's interested.)

This dress isn't it.  That dress comes later (and I am hemming it - sorry, collectors)!  The pink ribbon detail on the front of this one sat in an awkward place and there was no getting around it.  My days of ill-fitting vintage are long gone so it was relegated to the rack. 

The amusing thing is that out of three racks of dresses, I pulled out two dresses from two different racks since stuff is sorted by color.  And apparently they were the only two that came from a deadstock kids' clothing sale in Minnesota.

Bonnie Blair, styled by Cinderella
Made in the USA

Styled by Cinderella


The dress I got was also a deadstock Bonnie Blair, styled by Cinderella and made in the US of A.


  1. Wowzers! I can't wait to see them. Some juniors size "kid" dresses are really the best.


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