Outfit Roundup: Fronting

This week kicks off with some narcoleptic allergies and a smart purchase of dark chocolate covered bananas.  2 boxes of dark chocolate covered bananas.  [ insert Arrested Development quotes]

Some of you have already noticed but this blog has a new face, thanks exclusively to Jason.  (Thank you!)  It no longer has that charming mix of austerity and ugliness I had originally tolerated but grew less fond of over the years.  I mean, I want you to get that I don't take blogging seriously but maybe that was not the best way to do it.

And on to the outfit roundup, where I run through just how ethical my wardrobe is (or isn't).  As always it's a mixed bag (and all vegan).  I am not doing a great job at reducing consumption - this week I bought this new kitty shirt from Etsy and a vintage tunic and lady's hat.  I did, however, "use what I have" -- I unearthed that closet bastard green skirt below and finally managed to wear it not paired with a black t-shirt.

Neighborhood:  Mini Flea
(There was also a fashion show, 
which I'll post about later in the week.)

Wash rocks

shirt/Etsy, I'm Your Present
skirt/American Apparel
bag/Etsy hand-made

Inside:  Bastard Children of the Closet
(the skirt and the necklace never get worn)
shirt/American Apparel via Beacon's Closet
skirt/Beacon's Closet
shoes/Cri de Coeur-Hearts of Darkness
necklace/vintage from 7th Ave Flea, Bklyn

Friends in Low Places
(I only put this in for the background)
dress/via Beacon's Closet
scarft/via Etsy but I think it's sweatshop
shoes/Mel by Melissa via Mooshoes

After years of sticking up for that black Volcom dress, I've fought my last fight.  My loyalty is nil.  I'm so tired of it's ill fit and my willingness to wear it in public.  After the next round of laundering it's going into a resale or swap pile.


  1. The bastard skirt on the other hand rocks!

  2. oooooh i love the first two outfit pics mostest. i can see why you caved for the cat top.p.s. there is a bonafide cat lady living near our school - one of her cats has been visiting the school, loves kids, and just saunters into classrooms (totally welcome)- she has 49 of them, and bucks the stereotype by having a completely hygenic house and kitties. hooray!

  3. I bet a really nice lady with blue hair appliqued that cat shirt while sucking down a black iced coffee and talking shit about her neighbors.

    We all need something to make it through those solemn work hours.

    It looks good on you!


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