Happiest Outfit Pictures on Earth - Julia and the Piglets!

While I'm starting to appreciate my life in NYC again (despite seeing some guy pee out of a window in the apartment next door), I appreciated my weekend in Watkins Glen more.  I am about to post the happiest outfit pictures on earth.  This past weekend was Farm Sanctuary's Hoe Down, where you can camp on their grounds and spend two days meeting and learning about the animals.  (There are multiple sanctuaries and for those of you in LA, Farm Sanctuary has recently opened Animal Acres!)

Now.  THE $%@%@$^$^ PIGLETS!

Julia's piglets 
shirt/Mercy for Animals
shorts/tailored pants
boots/Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Shoes
bag/organic cotton Baggu


This is Julia and her piglets, who live at Farm Sanctuary!  Julia's babies follow her around and look up to their mom -- they swim and bob for apples in their mud pond together, root around together and get pets together.  Although the piglets are much faster than Julia is.

Look how happy she looks!

Julia and piglet

Julia came from a regular "farm" where she was kept in a gestation crate and badly hurt by one of the workers for being "feisty" - beaten and subject to an electric cattle prod where marks remained all over her back - all right before she was going to give birth!  Amazingly, someone whistle-blew on her behalf and Farm Sanctuary was able to remove her and give her a home.  Shortly after, a bunch of tiny piglets arrived to join her!  (You can see baby baby piglets along with Julia's story at that link.)

Someone successfully bobbed an apple out of the pond!
He carried his prize around for at least 5 minutes, so happy!


The piglets were pretty curious about everything - this guy's camera strap and the buttons on my Westwood for Melissa ankle boots, which were the perfect perfect warm weather farm shoe -- short enough to not be super hot, waterproof and protective enough so little piglets didn't chew on my toes!  My boots still have all their gold buttons; I successfully dissuaded many piglets from chewing them off.

Julia's piglets!

When you start to learn about big agriculture, you learn that the moms never stay with their babies long.  They are separated if not immediately (dairy calves), then after just a few weeks (as Julia's piglets would have been).  If you are interested in farm animal stuff, you can read about the things that happened to Julia routinely as a breeding sow at that link.  (And there are many female pigs she left behind there who are still going through it.)

It is so cool to see her running around - she wouldn't have been able to even turn around to see her babies when she was in a nursing containment before her babies would be taken away.  How crazy is that?!  She is like the pig version of Born Free!  (You remember that movie about the orphaned lion cub, right?  Or am I just being an ani-nerd?)

Julia and piglets

I am happy to share anything I learned about piggy moms and piggy babes and to answer the question I know you're already asking yourself - no, I didn't smuggle a piglet home with me although we did talk about how my cats would probably love a piglet tearing around the apartment.


  1. Oh man, I would love a rescue pig so much. Should probably wait until I have a home with a yard, though I heard that it is easy to train them to use a litter box. Dominic loves to think about Pickle riding a piggy around the house...

  2. Love! I just signed up for Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals in Pasadena, CA and I'm walking on behalf of Julia. Her story is so awful and wonderful. I think sharing her story is a good way to get people to think about the treatment of farm animals. I absolutely love your pictures and I'm quite jealous that you got to meet Julia and her babies!


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