Canvas Doc Martens

I wish I didn't take pictures of stuff in stores.  Originally I took this picture months ago to let you guys know that there are canvas (non-leather) Doc Martens available in this world.  And then I found the picture and now I really want them but I have a pair of OTBT organic cotton, tire-soled combat-style boots that are are a few years old but still kickin' it hardcore.

Therefore I don't really need canvas Docs.  But maybe some of you other vegans and/or shoe-wearers do?

photo 2.JPG


  1. i've had the dark red ones for over a year now, and must say that they are hotter than my leather docs. here in SF doesnt get too hot or cold, but after walking a big sum which i do, my feet often feel on fire. something about the inner lining that makes them pretty hot, i dunno.

    i try using them on cooler days, other than that, yea super cool. great foto - had no idea they were so many colours :)


    1. Wow, I would have never thought they'd be hotter than leather. Thank you for posting that info, meligrosa. What an unhappy surprise that must have been!

  2. Did DM used to make a vegan line, previously? Or was it more of an "accidentally vegan" thing? I've had a couple of pairs that I thought were leather free, including one that I still own (black and white plaid). To my untrained hands, the edging feels like it is made of pleather, but I could be wrong.

    1. It's funny because I think they disappeared for a while (or I just didn't see them) but the pleather ones seem to have come back last year or so. About the same time I started seeing Hello Kitty and floral docs, I started seeing pleather docs again. Or maybe I just started see more docs again, period?

      Mooshoes seems to be carrying a bunch of them this year:

      I was more interested in the canvas ones because I thought they'd be lighter and breathe more but I guess that is not actually the case (as per meligrosa's comment above!)


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