The New Lipstick Index

I typically try to use how well-manicured I am as a litmus test for my work/life balance.  If I've had time for a mani-pedi, then I'm not doing so badly.  But the new glut of "weekly nails" posts all o'er the innernettes made me realize it's probably an indicator for the economy as well.  It's probably the Lipstick Index of 2012.

I'm usually a pretty standard red-on-the-hands, pink-on-the-toes kind of gal but I think the internet is getting to me because I ended up with glitter this week after seeing it everywhere:

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG 

I always opt for OPI polish  since they're (at least) on PETA's Cruelty Free list and almost every manicure salon has OPI.   I had every intention of bringing the eco/vegan polishes I own with me (like Priti) to the manicure salon but I have forgotten every time so far.  Maybe this public admission will remind me to follow through next time.


  1. Ooo, those sparkles are so fun! They remind me of fish scales.

  2. I so love your nail polish. Red with sparkles. It looks elegant. But it would even be better if you'll have a nail art done. I'm addicted to nail art as of now.

  3. i know!!!!!!!! last time i wore glitter on my nails was in the rave days of the 90s....and you know what? i want to wear it again.


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