Outfit Roundup: Portland, Maine's Most Wanted

One of the last times I posted I was heading out on a business trip and it was a tiny nightmare to get out of NYC. Turns out it was a slightly larger nightmare leaving Portland (Maine) as well.  Darn those small airports; they take their security jobs so seriously.  The wee pink aluminum baton keychain I had from a woman's self defense class got me pulled out of the security line, questioned, detained, documented and then personally escorted to my gate to let the gate staff know I was safe to fly and "she didn't know she was carrying a weapon."  That keychain had made it in and out of the following airports in the past year:  JFK, Newark, LaGuardia, Denver and Las Vegas.  At least.

I have now work-tripped, vacationed elsewhere and returned and the cats couldn't be happier.  While I'm to happy to be spooning cats again, I can't say I'm happy to be back in the gross city, smelling pissy midtown, dealing with 39823 tourists with rolling suitcases and a work inbox that won't quit.

Let's look at me in happier times for this installment of Outfit Roundup while I mull over why, exactly, I live in Brooklyn:

Walking to the small old cemetery
photo 3.JPG
dress/Beacon's Closet
bag/Bookhou on Esty (custom vegan handle)

This one's fairly obvious.
photo 2.JPG 
"dress"/Buffalo Exchange in Seattle
 bike shorts/ancient
hat/flea market, probably sweatshop

At the Flea Market
photo 2.JPG
dress/Beacon's Closet
sandals/sweatshop but resoled!
hat/flea market, probably sweatshop
pink case/vintage, @ flea

At my mom's wedding at the courthouse

pin/vintage from the ether
cardigan/dept store sweatshop, old timer


  1. I love the photo of you on the gravel road! And the tiny pink bag and the dress your wore to your mother's wedding. Welcome home.

  2. Agreed. You look so frickin' adorable in the green road.
    Sorry you're feeling bummed about BK. It's been wicked hot but it will cool down soon.

  3. Love your beachy hat! Can't believe that happened with your little pinky. Mine's been on my keychain flying all the time (including internationally to Turkey) and I never gave it a thought. Security has never mentioned it. I won't fly with it again!

  4. Cute outfits. Love the dress in the first picture.

    Ah, airport security can be such a hassle. I once had a paper copy of an essay draft in my hand luggage. I got flagged and got to spend a good 20 mins trying to explain to a security person why I was writing an essay on the role of Somalia in the international community. I don't know what they thought I was going to do with my essay - inflict major papercuts on my fellow passengers, perhaps?

  5. Dang, you look so pretty and AMAZING HAIRDAY in that first one! The others are pretty but that one's a framer. :)

  6. Last year I had my second worst ever TSA experience... in Portland, ME! I forgot that I had some...WATER!... with me in my bag. The whole debacle cost me about 20 minutes and resulted in a second trip through security. Not just the scanner--the entire line and ID check part too. But at least you looked cute. :)

  7. I'm just now catching up on your blog! First of all, I love the new blog look (which is probably not that new, but I usually read via feed reader) and second of all, I fly in and out of that airport all the time, because I'm from Portland, Maine! It's true, security there is no joke! It takes me longer to get through security there than at JFK. Go figure.

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