Packrat: On the Road

A measly 3 days aside, I've been traveling for work and vacation since the 22nd, which means this past Friday is my third Friday away from home.  I'm experiencing phantom cats in my lap at this point. Life without cats is strangely disjointed.

I was also away twice in May so I've had a grand total of 5 "opportunities" to pack up my clothes and leave town.  It turns out I'm stunningly routine about packing.

photo 3.JPG

When I unpack somewhere, this is usually what my hotel room closet looks like (above).  Several dark color fitted dresses with some sort of pattern (or plain black).  One or two princess sleeve babydoll "dresses" to pair with leggings for travel or long conference room days.  Flats or sandals and a pair of flip flops.  (And running stuff.)  Add in a charcoal cardigan and a leopard print scarf for layering and that's it.

My packing priorities:
- that I'll be able to grab and go, without thinking about matching anything
- whatever I bring will look appropriate anywhere

The conferences I go to are usually pretty informal so I don't need to worry about suiting.  Dresses and babydoll tops with leggings are a good compromise since I don't have to match either with anything and I can layer them.  It turns out that the same is true for vacation - a dress can go over a bathing suit just was well as anything else and if I only bring dresses, I'm never under-dressed for dinner out. 

It does make me wonder if I should be buying anything else?  Wouldn't just buying apparel similar to these help me build the "uniform" no-muss wardrobe I keep hoping for? I understand that I'll need stuff for colder weather, for cleaning the house, etc but in general, wouldn't it be better to focus on my go-to stuff that's versatile, easy and somewhat universally appropriate?


  1. Man, will there ever be a point where wardrobe is not something that needs to be worked on? I feel like I've been trying to hone my style since middle school and still haven't gotten there. I feel like I'm closer, but I've felt that in the past too. I've been sticking to dark colors too, the tried and trues. Less wacky, less trendy, more classic and me. It is ever evolving, isn't it?

  2. Oh man I am jealous of how much you've been traveling lately! I am the complete opposite when I pack: I pack pretty much every thing that I could possibly fit in my suitcase. But I do tend to bring clothes that could work everywhere and anywhere.

  3. I seem to have difficulty with skirts these days...i bought one and was given one by a friend recently which are seeing some wear time - but mostly it's dresses and jeans.

  4. I like the concept of "universally appropriate" and keep trying to achieve it with skirts. Admiring the bright shoes on the left.

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