Great News - Urban Decay NOT Selling in China!

This makes me want to go buy 15 eyeliners.  (For those of you unsure what this means - the backstory is here.)

Their communication:

Dear jesse o,

Thank you for your interest in the web chat.  As you may have heard, Urban Decay has decided NOT to begin selling products in China.  Our full statement and additional information can be found at

Because of this decision, we will not be holding the web chat, but encourage you to email us at if you have any additional questions.

Thanks again for your patience as we worked through this difficult issue.


  1. Awesome! That is great news!

  2. Whoa! I never dreamed they'd back down.

  3. Very exemplary! That's a big step. Hopefully there will be more companies who will follow.

  4. Wow, good for them! Also, I super lurk your blog all the time but rarely comment. Hi! Miss you! xo

  5. So strange. First of all, why would China need to do additional testing before it sells to its market, when it's doing all kinds of other fucked up things to its people?! Seems kind of odd to me.

    Glad to see that a company has decided to back down from doing something its customers do not like in spite of a big market. Sometimes values are more important than the $$$

  6. awesome. also, i think a really good example of companies rethinking their bottom line when consumers actually show they care.


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