$41 at the Flea Market: Shoretown Flea

Recently we were in a small shore town with a drive-in movie theater that hosted a flea market during the day.  While we bailed on going to the nocturnal movies, we did make it to the daytime flea.  The majority of it is pre-owned but I think the charms were new.

Regardless, this is what $41 gets you.

$29 gets you:
- a $3 pink doll case
- a $15 skirt
- a $5 rubber elephant
- a $6 embroidered rose brooch

$29 @ wellfleet flea

$12 gets you:
- 4 pewter pendants
- much amusement poking through a giant pile of dolphin, 
mermaid and lizard pendants

There was also an illustrated kids' book I forgot to throw in here - a Peter Rabbit book not illustrated by Beatrix Potter.  It was too strange to pass up.


  1. Cute finds! I am strangely drawn to the rubber elephant.

  2. Oh, I love the rose brooch and I'm curious what you'll do with the elephant.

  3. Those charms are awesome. What are you going to do with them?

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