Outfit Roundup

Let me kick this post off with my new sunglasses.  Special occasions only.


There is nothing green about these glasses.  I couldn't get over Thelma Blitz's DIY niche and just like that, 25 of my dollars disappeared.  Originally I wanted the lion and tiger combination (bottom left) but the foliage interfered with my bangs and I can't have that.

photo 2.JPG

Here goes my clothing documentation. 

I wore this to:  work
shirt, skirt - resale shop
shoes - Mooshoes
necklace - part sweatshop, part found objects

I wore this to:  go to The Seed, visit a foster
cat, visit a local art show
 Mork from Ork shirt - ?
belt and skirt - resale shop
shoes - Mooshoes
bag - sweatshop

I wore this to:  work
photo 4.JPG
jacket - Urban Renewal via resale shop
shirt - swap
necklace - part sweatshop, part found objects

I wore this to:  work

This was a hijacked picture inside the apartment
that I couldn't bother trying to get right.
photo 1.JPG 
shirt - flea market silk screen
skirt - resale shop
shoes - Mooshoes

Outfit(s) scorecard:  a mixed bag of sweatshop and pre-worn items.  All vegan, as per usual. 

I recently bought a pair of Marais sandals from Mooshoes despite very little info on labor standards and sustainability.  I went in looking for sandals that were well-made, matched everything, stayed on my feet for biking, could be dressed up or down and could be resoled so they'd last longer than a season.  These were the only sandals in the store that matched these specs and therefore I felt I'd get the most use out of them so I got them.


  1. Those sunglasses rock!
    Also, do you cut out the necklines and sleeves of the t-shirts yourself, or do they come like that? I have a few guy shirts that just don't look right and was thinking about messing around with them, but while I'm totally fine hacking at my own hair, messing around with my clothes makes me a little anxious.

    1. Hey! Yes, I cut the neckline and sleeves right at the seam so I'm essentially cutting the seam out of the shirt, right on that line. However, for shirts that are not my size, I've had to fiddle with them already and was actually planning on checking Generation-T out of the library to see what else I can do.

      I've used the re-sizing t-shirts tutorial on a few larger shirts, which has worked well (they're not perfect but they're wearable):


  2. Oh, I would have had trouble sticking to my shopping scruples too with the fabulous sun-glasses. I like the pair you picked the best. And I also like to make necklaces of found objects--I'm forever picking items I find out walking and tucking them into my bag for future use.

  3. I love those glasses. Especially the one you choose. The size of the tree is hilarious. The whole composition with dwarf, tree and dog reminds me of a typical German front garden - like the one my parents used to have.

    P.S.: I really like your blog!


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