Gate 5

Greetings from the airport!

Just 2 days ago I looked like this - hanging out in Point Pleasant with loved ones, swimming in a perfect pool, playing games on the Jenkinson Boardwalk.


Upon my return I was supposed to have 12 hours home and then was scheduled to fly out for another work trip.

Unexpected: thunder, lightning, flight cancelled at airport, return home for flight in 7 hours, find out in car back to airport (in pouring rain, thunder, lightning that just started again) that flight is delayed with a missed connection and no later connecting flights, turn car around, wake up at 5:30am next day to get on 8am flight to run right to 1st day of meetings

Did I mention I also got pulled for a random security check?

Anyway - all this to say I'll probably be scarce around the blog this week.

In the meantime, please feel free to tell me your travel horror stories!


  1. Hmmm... Travel horror stories? One time, flying from New York City to Seattle I was seated at the very back of the plan next to a really stinky Russian woman who spoke no English. She tried communicating with me using her hands, asking how long until we landed. She thought I was wrong when I held up my fingers for 1 hour. She didn't understand that we were stopping in Seattle before going on to Russia. Also, she kept pushing pistachios on me and watched me intently as I ate them. She gave me half of a huge bag and I had to shove them in the pocket in front of my seat when she went to the bathroom. I still cannot eat a pistachio.
    Otherwise all of my traveling has been the normal stresses.

  2. The bus that took 7 hours to get from Providence to New York last month!I actually got physically ill from it and spent the night, that was supposed to be super fun, feeling super sick and head achey. In Far Rockaway. On the water. Ughhhhhh.

    But Point Pleasant! So much better than being sick in transit. I'm a Seaside girl, born and bred, so Point Pleasant always seems to fancy and wholesome to me.

  3. Holy cow, hope it's smooth sailing from there on out. Traveling issues suck. I once got abandoned in the rain by a taxi service because the dude crashed on the way to get me (I was staying as an intern in Harrisburg PA) and no other taxi services would drive to get me. I had to beg a chinese exchange student to take me to the airport to get my plane to get the hell back home. It taught me to never rely on one thing and to always have backups no matter what


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