Field Trip: Bust Craftacular @ The Seed

I was expecting the Bust Craftacular portion of The Seed to be more…crafty and kitschy. But most of the sellers looked as professional as the apparel and accessories sellers in the main space. Hell, even the Arrested Development message pencils were nestled in a table of tasteful geometric jewelry.  I’m highlighting my three favorite folks out of about 15 participants – and just to put my money where my keyboard is, I purchased stuff from two of them and plan to buy something from the third.

Hats off to The Seed and Bust for collaborating on a vegan Craftacular. Here’s to hoping there are many more.

1. Pansy Maiden

What they sell: BAGS!

Why they’re good stuff: 75% of her material is sourced in the US; faux suede is recycled content {their materials page}; they’re designed and made by Laura Collins in the US; their motto is “We do our best to be our best” - seriously, read the site and I dare you to challenge that

Since I like to stick my wallet, makeup bag, book, notebook, lunch, water bottle, cardigan, a litter of kittens and a potted fern in my daily-use bags, I was checking out her mammoth waxed canvas tote. However, those of you who aren’t adult Girl Scouts and chose to leave your house not prepared for life’s fickle ways might like the cute "canteen clutch" smaller bags that have a belt loop in the back (“Look ma, no hands!”).

photo 5.JPG

The lovely Laura Collins herself

2. Djuna Shay

What they sell: scarves, pillows, headbands

Why they are good stuff: their textiles are designed and custom printed with water-based pigment ink in the US; made in a North Carolina mill (a previously industrial area that’s benefiting from current textile work – this was the second table that mentioned their stuff was made in a No. Carolina mill out of all the vendors I spoke with); their patterns are bold but not overbearing and they have a nice color palette

I actually bought a headband here in the hopes that I’ll be a headband-type of person in the future. You know what I mean. Headbands are like hats; you can pull them off or you can’t. Everyone at their table had these cute headbands on and I had that headband-adorned devil on my shoulder. “Do it, Jesse. Wearing headbands is so easy. Of course you’ll look cute and maybe even a little ‘50s in a turban headband.” So maybe this purchase was aspirational. But they made me want to try, damn it.


Fabulous headband ladies and flying pig logo
(photo courtesy of Jason @ SuperVegan)

3. The Fuzzy Bunny (personal care stuff)
Yarn is at Fuzzy Bunny Fibers

What they sell: an unexpected mix of yarns, delicious lipbalms and soaps

Why they are good stuff: they make vegan cashmere for all you knitters out there; their lip balms do what they're supposed to and smell delicious; their soap-making process results in zero waste

I was a both surprised by and expectant of seeing yarn at a Craftacular table. Expectant because it’s a craftacular and crafty things abound. Surprised because I’ve never seen a table display of luxe vegan yarns before. Since I don’t knit, my experience with vegan fiber-buying has been limited to telling my mother to buy acrylic yarn when she offers to make me a scarf but I’ve heard a few vegan crafters say that some group craft circles had gotten really snobby about animal fibers and looked down on acrylic yarn crafters as second class citizens. I hope these bundles of Fuzzy Bunny yarn let some vegan crafter show up at their craft circle with a tacit smackdown that vegans have cashmere too, jerks.  They don't have a ton of vegan yarn in their Etsy store but they had all of this at their table so if you message them, I'm sure they'll let you know what they have. It's handspun so it's probably more than your machine-made yarns.  (For full disclosure, they also make non-vegan yarn as well.)

Since I couldn't buy yarn, I bought 3 lip balms from Fuzzy Bunny and I plan to enjoy the caramel, buttercream and chocolate orange flavors in heavy rotation.  Also I just really love lip balm.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

So, those were my favorite booths at The Seed’s Bust Craftacular.  There were many jewelry vendors there but I only glanced at them. When I’m shopping for jewelry, it’s usually really easy to find vegan stuff so I wasn’t as interested in the jewelry tables. Same thing for screen printed tees. I have to really love it to pay attention to it because they’re easy to come by vegan.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the non-Bust Craftacular apparel and accessory booths – including Compassion, Mooshoes, Vaute Couture, Compassion Couture, Herbivore and even the Sea Shepherd table (yes, they sell clothes).  Half of them are regular ol' wearable items (Mooshoes, Vaute Couture, Compassion Couture) and the other half fall into the message-wear category (Compassion, Sea Shepherd and Herbivore).


  1. I LOVE that tote too and I wish I could come close to affording half of it. Bummer. It's hard to find good non-leather gigantic bags (I guess I'm an adult girl scout too).

    I couldn't get the link for fuzzy bunny - excited to check out the vegan cashmere - yarn is the only place I'm still struggling to find good vegan replacement.

    1. Hey smunch! I fixed FB's link and it now links to their bath shop.

      Their fiber shop is separate from that and is here:

      It looks like they don't have a ton of vegan yarns on site but as you can see from their table, they definitely have them. I don't know what people usually pay for handspun yarn but it looks like "special occasion" yarn to me?

      This is another photo of their table, in addition to the faux cashmere basket, to give you a better idea of what they have:

      They seemed really nice so I'm sure they'd respond to you if you had any questions.

  2. Oh man! The Fuzzy Bunny doesn't have any yarn on their etsy page. One of my coworkers has offered to knit me a scarf (she is an AMAZING knitter) and I got all excited about finding lovely vegan yarn I could give her. Sad.
    But it seems like you had fun, yeah? Love Sea Shepherd, can't wait to read about the others.

    1. I just editing the post to include the Fuzzy Bunny Fiber store - and I posted something similar to smunch above but they had a bunch of vegan yarn on their table (see link above!) so if you message them, I'm sure they'll let you know what they have. That said, it's handspun and seems like "special occasion" yarn unless you have money to burn.

      Yep! I definitely had fun. It was nice to run into a bunch of coworkers and friends and to see all the vegan apparel/accessory/shoe vendors all together in one place. It was actually fun (aside from informative) speaking to every table about labor practices and sustainability issues. In the way that it's helpful for me to speak to the CSA farmer, it's nice to be able to ask questions about what's important to me because not everything is on each brand's website. I also managed to get a press pass so it was nice to do it gratis, too!

  3. I want to try buying yarn from Fuzzy Bunny. I felt it and it is SO soft! But it is SUPER expensive… Special projects only for me.


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