Viva Las Vegas and The Best Way to Viva la Ropa?

I haven't been around again.  Another work trip - Las Vegas this time.  I ended up with a ridiculously large apartment-like suite with giant windows overlooking pools I'd never be in since 99% of my time was spent in conference rooms or over-eating with colleagues.  (Conference catering was vegan.)

If I owe you an email, it's coming.  And sorry.



This was the only outfit type picture I took:  admittedly a crappy phone picture.  But it shows you an Urban Renewal tunic that was once left for dead in my closet.  Usually I try to cull stuff from my closet within a year but this one survived.  It's tricky to find the balance between being a clothes-hoarder and minimalist because I'm prone to extremes.  I am lean more towards minimalist so I'm surprised I let this hang out for so long when it wasn't earning its keep.


I'm not sure which is more "sustainable fashion" -- putting stuff back out into the resale/swap pool which hopefully deters people from shopping new more and lowers the demand for newly manufactured items.  Or hanging onto it yourself, deterring you from shopping for new items more often and  lowering the demand for newly manufactured items?  My guess is that it's better to put it back into the resale/swap pool for one reason alone.  Shopping our closets excite us less than finding "new" items.  And a society operating with shiny object syndrome, it seems like the resale/swap option would be the better outcome.

I'm not exempting myself from shiny object syndrome but lately I've been thinking about how much this is a social construct.  When folks only had a few pieces in their wardrobes and "making-do" was the norm, did people have the same magpie tendencies we do?  Even if they did, they weren't acted on.  And how exactly do we get back to that when faced with an apparel industry that wants nothing less?


  1. I would say that recycling back to the swaps is the better option, but I often notice that even in the thrifts I'm attracted to the bright and shiny, and ridiculous, stuff.


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