Dreams Do Come True

Please mark this day in your calendars.  I finally found a vintage shawl-neck horse sweater in my size that is not wool.  That's right - a vintage vegan horse sweater.  It was 70 degrees today and I wore it anyway...just because I can

I've poked around Ebay and Etsy for a while for these and every time I found one in a small size, it would invariably be wool.  Almost 50 people complimented me on it already.  When you see me in this sweater over a bathing suit even when it's 90 degrees this summer, please don't be surprised.


  1. Gah! That is fantastic! Congrats!

  2. It's a fantastic sweater.

  3. I love that you were looking for such a specific piece, and that such a thing exists. It zips up? How wonderful.

  4. love it. love it. love it. yay!

  5. yay! i'm so glad you are liking it!

  6. Wow! I love that! I would wear it all the time too if I had one.

    1. My Grandmother wore one exactly like this one , she passed away a few years ago and its still hanging in the closet


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