I've decided to combine all outfit posts into one weekly post.  I thought about nixing outfit posts but they're helpful in keeping me accountable and to provide a herstory (couldn't resist) of ethical fashion/curbing consumption progress.  I am kind of over posting them as the primary content here...but that means I actually have to post content so we'll see how that goes. 

I wore this to:
- work
- food co-op shop
shirt/American Apparel 
shoes/Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissas 

I wore this to: 
- work
- attend community meeting on contra-flow bike lane
 Last worn here 
dress/PS Beacon's Closet, resale 
shoes/Cri de Coeur-Hearts of Darkness 
tights/American Apparel 

Outfit scorecard:  Overall a  little reused, a little American-made, a little new "sweatshop-free" and a little sweatshop.  Mixed bag.  The only new items are the shoes.  Everything is vegan.


  1. The purple tights peaking out of the Cri de Coeur shoes looks awesome!

  2. I agree with Lauren--I love the tights with the new shoes and the interesting contrast with the dress.

  3. I totally love that thrifted dress. I used to do outfit post in a roundup situation, I kind of forget why I stopped now.

    P to the S- I'm having a giveaway right now from fair trade shop MarketPlace India for $100 to their shop...they are a wonderful company actually one of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation and I wanted to make sure you got the memo it's a store right up your alley:


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