The People's What?

I wore this to:
- mostly just work, you know, like you do

I hope you all had a good weekend.  I was outside a lot - between the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, a community garden and the Zine Fest (near the Williamsburg waterfront) and all.  I still can't shake my hate for Williamsburg, even though it's no longer the douchiest most-posturing area full of young'uns.  I didn't actually get any gross vibes so maybe it's time to let it go, particularly because I seem to end up there anyway.  While my weekend excursions were focused on doing, I still managed to buy stuff - a tiny ceramic puppy dish, a tiny silver puppy charm, a People's Pop shaved ice.  You'd think I wasn't a cat lady any longer with all that puppy-themed flotsam.  (People's Pop always reminds me of The Young Ones' People's Poet clip.)

This is admittedly a pretty boring outfit but it contains a dress I bought last year that remained unworn until this day.  Make do or do without...done.  Perhaps not the most stalwart, sacrificial or innovative example but it counts.  The most exciting element would be my new Cri de Coeur / Hearts of Darkness shoes, for which I didn't "make do" or "do without".  I had a silent auction credit still, and I like the company although I admit I didn't need them, they'll be handy for bike-riding since they'll stay on my feet.

 dress & belt/sweatshop
shoes/Cri de Coeur

Outfit scorecard:  Boo for the sweatshop stuff and buying new things.  Alrighty for making myself wear items I already own and for CDC, whose shoes are apparently made in sweatshop-free conditions.  No animals' hide nor hairs involved.


  1. Last time I was in Willy'sburg, it was almost like being on South St. Philly... kind of like a wacky cartoon of funky coolness. Not very offensive to my delicate senses, just silly. I still get a little rankled about the waterfront area because I am STILL surprised by all the highrise supercondos. It's like you'll never have to worry about leaving North 6 and finding a bum pissing on your car. What kind of life is that?

  2. I've never been to Williamsburg, though no doubt I will posture when I go there. I like the new shoes.

  3. Omg. I just got the same shoes but in pink. Big shock, we got the same thing. I ALMOST got your color but at the last minute became impractical. Hopefully will be back to blogging soon since the move is Sat!!!

  4. LOL, I don't know if I'd qualify Williamsburg as douchey...but I kind of reserve that term for like sports bars and midtown but I honestly think it's maybe the weirdest place on earth.

    Your outfit is not boring. I totally love them shoes. I actually just bought Cri de Coeur/Hearts of Darkness boots last week.


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