Juvi Jumper

I wore this to:
- meeting 1
- meeting 2
- meeting 3
- impromptu meeting 4
- impromptu meeting 5
- impromptu meeting 6
- dinner with coworkers

Even when some of your meetings are about cats, it's still not fun to have to meet with 6 different parties in one day. It would have been better if the 6 different parties were 6 different cats, though. That is my kind of day.

tights/maggie's organics
shoes/from sunjo!

This outfit is like a Reese's peanut butter cup: the shirt and dress are better together. The shirt was a closet orphan going on 2 years. And last week my judgement of pinafore dresses as like soooo totally juvenile finally waned. I caved. It happens. "Two great tastes that taste great together." (Except this outfit is vegan whereas a Reese's peanut butter cup, much to my horrific disappointment, is not.)

Outfit scorecard (animals, people, earth): No animal hairs or hides. Dress is reused. Shirt is sweatshop but in my defense I held onto it forever until I could figure out how to wear it; I'm trying to be more loyal to the clothes I have instead of just buying new stuff. Tights are organic cotton blend and fair trade. Shoes are a vegan brand and have decent labor practices (Beyond Skin).

Hopefully work will stop ruling my life soon and I can waste time on the innernettes as much as I want in the very near future. Until then, light a candle for me.


  1. It would be nice if cats were required to attend all meetings I had to attend.

  2. You're really selling me on this idea of clear glasses, lady.

  3. i love that style of dress, too. i don't think it looks too youthful if you class it up. and you're classy all the way.

  4. I actually still like pinafore dresses and I'm far too old for them. I have one that I wear ONCE a year that I keep trying to put in the donation pile and I keep dragging it back out. Days of meetings are my least favorite aspect of my job.

  5. You look beautiful, and the dress is super cute. I don't know about meetings ABOUT cats, but meetings WITH cats - I think I'd like those. Had dinner at a restaurant today and got to thinking how cool it would have been if we could have brought our cats with us.

  6. I think it's good to be a loyalist to your clothing. No judgement there! And holy crapola if I had six meetings in a day is quite a day! I think your pinafore dress is not juvenile completely classic in my opinion.

    And the internettes will be here when you have time! So go ahead and live your life!!!


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