I wore this to:
- work
- errands

This dress is now smaller than it once was - with black tights this is fine.  I know it is not supposed to be fine for the office but I was too lazy to change.  Personally, I don't really understand how short dresses and skirts with dark tights are all that immodest anyway.  It blows my mind in the way that trying to imagine flappers being risque for their time blows my mind.

Second justification:  I am short and I think the shorter the dress, the taller I am.  Giantess.

dress/Urban Renwal
tights/OG Maggie's Organics
loafers/vintage via Etsy

Outfit scorecard (animals, peoples, earth):  Not too shabby.


  1. It was such a discovery to me at my age, that I could still swing a short hem, all because of tights! I think you look great.

  2. Tights make skirts of all lengths okay, IMO. I wore a short dress to the office last week - it was shorter than I remember it being, but I justified it because with tights and flats it didn't seem scandalous :)

    Love that dress!


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