Get a Life

I wore this to:
- have sunburn on my face
- go back to my desk after working outside Fri-Sun
- answer 5,794 emails
- go food co-op shopping
- eat potato chips
- finally wear these vintage shoes (thanks, shoe stretcher)

photo 2.JPG
dress/resale, Beacon's
tights/American Apparel
shoes/vintage, Secretlake via Etsy
cat pin/vintage from somewhere

After having to mess with the exposure and contrast of the "outfit photo" since I live in what is essentially a cave with windows as far as good photo lighting is concerned, I tried to get photographic evidence of my sunburn. This is the most tan I'll be all summer. Also, CAT PIN.

photo 1.JPG

I can only assume I will get a life again sometime in the next two weeks when I grow at least one social skill and can talk about something other than work.


  1. I can see the burn! Ouch! Are you doing anything for it. I am about to be swamped by my work load and may have to lay low soon myself.

  2. That dress is great. I'm pondering a trip to NY in september, and beacon's will be on the itinery!

    1. And ooh, sunburn! In April! Hope you can find an aloe vera plant!

  3. I got an April sunburn last year! I was wearing a 3/4 length shirt, and my forearms got burned. Sunlight is the cruelest.

    Love the cat pin!

  4. Shoes are cute! I need a shoe stretcher! I always think about it but don't and my feet suffer

  5. shoe stretcher? is there a thing that can stretch shoes? how am i completely ignorant of this?! and i love that magenta tights.


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