Bag Lady: Stella Grey

This is a vegan bag brand that I've never heard of before, Stella Grey, featured on Pure Citizen today.

I always try to research the materials and labor issues and so far I've unearthed this on their FAQ:

"not mass produced...each style is professionally handcrafted locally in small batches"

I'm not sure where locally is or what the labor conditions are specifically but that sounds promising.  They also mention strict quality control -- so appreciated.  I try to buy for quality (and thus longevity) to be sustainable.  Not sure about the materials though, in terms of composition/waste, although we know it's vegan.

*The whole site is in flash, otherwise I would have linked you to their FAQs.  In fact you can't copy/paste any of their text or images which means I had to write down the language on manufacturing and retype it.  I have no idea why a business would build a site that is virtually not share-able?


  1. Wow, that's the least user-friendly website I've seen in a long time. Nice bags, though.

  2. It's a lovely little bag. I read an article yesterday about the need for those who advertise as being eco-friendly to research further back on their supply chain. I know when I try to source things...that this is often a frustration to me.

  3. Such a cute little vegan bag! I like when you share your ethical fashion finds.

  4. I saw this on pure citizen the other day too and yes they totally use the term "vegan leather" which could mean a lot of things. I kind of totally admire you for being really rigid on doing the research into trying to find what that means..that term is a little vague in the ethical fashion world.

    And I hate when I find a site that is all in completely impractical!


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