Vegan Makeup: Afterglow Blush, 24/7 Liner, Lush Lash Mascara

Sometimes I ponder whether bloggers have brought '80s- style blush back. I have a theory that, much like theatre folk, bloggers tend to be heavier handed with the blush than the general public because DSLRs (much like theatre lighting) have a way of washing you out. I have fallen into this trap myself after seeing my pale visage committed to unforgiving pixels so I empathize, Baby Jane bloggers. I get you.

Full disclosure: I have been using bronzer since I couldn't find a decent vegan tint or cream blush in any brand. I truly love Urban Decay because they don't test on animals and label all their vegan stuff but I was bummed that I could only use their bronzer.

Every year I am gifted a Sephora gift card from the same family member and I stick to buying replacements for my tried-and-true makeup. Usually. This year during my annual pilgrimage to Sephora, I realized that my favorite makeup folks, Urban Decay, finally put out a vegan cream blush. (Alrighty. That deserves an exclamation point. !) It's called Afterglow. I can finally put the damn bronzer away as this stuff is sweet. I know I'm from New Jersey and grew up shrouded in a cloud of hairspray but I'm so done with bronzer.

I also managed to pick up replacements for my tried and true liner and mascara.

Behold - my favorite makeup.

urban decay
Cream blush
24/7 Liquid Liner
Lush Lash

When the cashier saw the 24/7 black liner in my tiny makeup store basket she freaked and almost shouted, "THIS IS THE DARKEST LINER EVER. I LOVE IT." Ditto, lady! Lush Lash is a really decent black mascara, as well.

urban decay

While the most important reasons I love Urban Decay are the no animal testing and vegan whatnots, I also love that there are tiny snakes and daggers on everything.

*As per usual, I am not shilling for any companies. No kickbacks or money was received. These are just products I really like and am sharing in the interest of making vegan makeup shopping easier for all mankind.


  1. You know, i had honestly never considered that there might be animal products in make up, apart from the testing. It seems obvious when you think about it!

  2. @Franca - I know, right? I sometimes forget even now.

  3. I love Urban Decay too. Best eyeshadow! The vegan Peta palette is the cutest.

  4. I don't wear makeup at all, but agree that many of my photos make me look washed-out. Who knew I was supposed to UP the blush.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I'm running out of makeup and having a hard time finding good vegan replacements--- there are no good makeup stores in my area, and buying makeup online is dicey.

    Would you recommend the OCC Lip Tar you've been using? How does it compare to the stain you had before?

    Do you use a tinted moisturizer, powder, anything like that? I've been using Everyday Minerals powders, but I sometimes get cakey looking, and looser eyeshadows/liners are driving me nuts. I want everything to fit in one magical compact, damnit!

    Chattily yours,


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