Trixie Belden Boring

I wore this to:
- work
- not solve any Red Trailer mysteries

photo 2.JPG
shirt/Beacon's Closet
shoes/vintage via Etsy
socks & jeans/sweatshop

Work's been my focus lately -- I had to get a bunch of desk projects wrapped up so I could participate in an 80 cat TNR project off-site this past week. (A-duh. I seriously hope it'd be off-site and that there are not 80 cats needing to be fixed in my office?)

It's been hard to give a fig about what I wear -- everything I grab seems to be suited for utility and comfort, aesthetics be (almost) damned. During these periods I seem to gravitate towards what I imagine Trixie Belden would wear - loafers, denim and plaid. You know, what a good ol' girl detective wears to solve the case. Suitable but not exciting.

(Seriously. I did not plan my pose to mirror this image.)

Outfit scorecard (animals, people, earth): All vegan, of course - the shoes are pleather. Two "pre-loved" items. Another positive is that the pants, while sweatshop, are about 4 years old and have seen a lot of use.


  1. Trixie Belden is a good inspiration!

  2. Ha ha yes, I think "boring/suitable" or even simple, can be an extremely necessary and a valid style goal at times. But this also makes me realize I never read any Trixie Belden. I did read Nancy Drew and always enjoyed the clothing descriptions, but she was a bit more girly girl I guess. Like matching luggage and sweater sets and shit.

  3. The reason why I haven't posted outfits recently is because I wear black jeans and a navy heavy-knit turtleneck every day. Literally, every day! I guess my go-to boring day inspiration is... hmm, a French sailor?

  4. @ Terri - I think so, too!

    @ Sandra - YES, Nancy Drew was such a girly-girl. I do remember that about her.

    @ Waves - That sounds about right and is a pretty good inspiration.

  5. So funny how you did the same pose as Trixie. Looks like someone tried to sneak in your picture :)

  6. You look great. You can't always be fussy when getting dressed!

  7. As a young girl I dreamt of becoming a detective and whenever I could, I wore stuff I imagined my favourite book heroes would wear. So I love this outfit, yeah, and really enjoy your blog! It's so good you advocate choosing clothes manifactured with care.

    Oh, we have a tortoiseshell cat who found us on the street too. That picture of our cat staring at you in the morning - best. Anyway, enough of rambling! Great to meet you! :)

  8. Haha! I totally relate to your work wear and I love the inspiration.


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