I wore this to:
- work
- accept bow tie compliments like a champion

photo 3.JPG

photo 1.JPG
shirt/thrift store
acrylic sweatervest/thrift store
pleather belt/thrift store
cord skirt/sweatshop
shoes/cri de coeur - hearts of darkness lures
bowtie: with care

Outfit scorecard (animals, people, earth): All vegan, of course. The vegan shoe line is made in a sweatshop-free factory in China. The rest is mostly pre-worn stuff, except the skirt, which was a horrible super sale impulse buy.

Bowtie is from With Care. Every single time I look at her Etsy store I want to buy at least 5 things. It makes me really happy to find people whose stuff I always love...but I try to curb consumption...but I like to support handmade stuff. It is a constant balance and if I have not shoved her whole shop in my cart, I'm doing well.


  1. This is my favorite tie of yours. I love the cross stitch. We should have a cross stitch craft night!

  2. This is just darling! I love the bit of detail on the bowtie!

  3. Dang! You always look so fabulous in those bow ties! Thanks for all of the kind words, J. And, to add to your ethics tally, the bow tie is made from an old napkin that I purchased second hand, the bow tie clip is (as far as I can tell,) old new stock from the jewelry warehouse down the street. Extra karma points awarded because I walked there instead of driving. Double extra karma points because the shoes I wore when I walked there were second hand and contained no animal by-products. (not making fun, just patting myself on the back)

  4. I agree, With Care stuff is very wearable and cute. And you look cute too!

  5. A cashier at the ultimate sweatshop emporium had a cute leopard bowtie on with a denim shirt and I had to tell her it was precious.

    I bet you got 1,000 compliments.

  6. oh, the bow tie just steals the show. I love the embroidery detail.

  7. Love the whole outfit, and the bowtie is perfection! Thanks for sharing the etsy link too. I'm always trying to find independent sellers on etsy to love and get easily overwhelmed.

  8. Ahh! This outfit is amazing and I adore the bow tie. I stop by and go through tons of pages on your blog every now and then to catch up on Stylish Jesse Life Stuff and I am always happier when I do. :-)


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