"I saw Bill Cunningham!" and Cat Picture

I have been rough around the edges this week. I just dropped this one off at the vet for her dental. Poor Oona.

Oona's good morning

My coping strategies for being overworked and stretched really thin involve wearing the same blue almost-jeans to work every single day this week.

Unkempt and frazzled is not how you want to run into Bill Cunningham at the crosswalk near your job but that is exactly what happened to me. Not because I thought I'd be photographed if I were slightly more pulled together but because being faced with someone who (adorably) dedicated his life to street style makes you reflect on your current appearance.

Not one to miss an opportunity when Bill Cunningham was sitting on his bike waiting for the light to change as I walked the crosswalk in front of him, I waved and sing-songed, "HIIIIIII BILLLLL CUNNINGHAMMMMM!" as I walked by. He smiled and waved. Adorably. Of course.

Now. Back to work. I'll probably see you guys next week. *sigh*


  1. I had a dream that I was swimming and BC showed up and started snapping photos and saying "Such colorful swimsuits!" I was chuffed. Chuffed!

    I'm unsure if he took my photo when I was in the Mermaid Parade in 2005. When you're hung over at 9am in the summer, every old guy with a camera looks the same.

  2. i bet you made his day singing out and waving. you're always busy lady! Slow down! Come and holiday in San Francisco when I'm there late June!

  3. @ Liz - that is a pretty awesome dream. And probably realistic.

    @ Teeny - I know! I wish it would slow down. I think it's just the nature of working at a non-profit. Everyone has too much, almost all the time. I would love to be in SF for late June. I just found out my friend works for the SF SPCA so I totally want to visit! I haven't been there in almost 10 years.

  4. How exciting to have this encounter...and mayhap, he snapped a photo of you in spite of how you felt about your look of the day.

  5. So cool you saw Bill C and said hi!! I wouldn't have had the nerve... :) Get well soon Oona!

  6. I adore Billy Cunningham. Every time I see him I get completely starstruck and that never happens to me.


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