EFB Round-Up: Thrifty Ethical Fashion

Unfortunately my apartment is still piled with clutter in every other corner since I moved in and the one spot that is remotely suitable to self-timer pictures is the darkest corner of the earth. So this picture was taken during bright sunlight, with 2 lights on in the room and is still so dark, it is a sea of pixels. And this is with a DSLR. Seriously, is a vortex in my bedroom? I either have to start taking pictures outside (and I do not have that kind of time) OR actually deal with the apartment.

But I am posting it anyway since I haven't participated in any of the Ethical Fashion Bloggers round-ups recently and I'm feeling guilty about it. (I'm not sure if the crappiest picture on earth is the best participation but it's something.)

Photo from the Black Hole:

photo 2.JPG

Photo taken 8' away in the same room:

photo 5.JPG

Privileged whining aside, the EFB round-up theme is thrifty ethical fashion. In honor of this, I threw on mostly thrifty buys and I'll try to remember what I paid for them.

Shirt: kids' Hustler shirt @ Buffalo Exchange ($10, mended by me)
Skirt: tailored maxi skirt @ Beacon's Closet ($10, $5 tailor fee)
Shoes: pleather vintage loafters via Etsy ($25)
Pin: couldn't-remember-with-a-gun-to-my-head thrift store (probably $3)
Socks: they're actually sweatshop and were like $2

Total: $55, not including underpinnings

The EFB goal price was 10 pounds but I don't know how I'd do that if I was still wearing shoes?


  1. Love the pin. I have a similar one. Surprised? ;)

  2. @ S - I thought of you when I put it on, actually.

  3. I tried to participate in this event this time, but had some trouble linking up. After seeing your skirt, I definitely need to shorten up the denim one I'm wearing for the event.

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