Black on Black

I wore this to:
- work
- audition for Johnny Cash roles

too much black

I am unsure how a person who has a folder full of Rei Shito outfit inspiration pictures ends up dressing like this. There are so many things I like but can't seem to translate into actual outfits. I'm only posting this to out myself - I love black but it's true you can wear it in the wrong way. It's a Black Sandwich. This would have looked way better if the blazer were a different color.

It's times like these where I'm thankful I take outfit pictures more often than not. How else would I be able to semi-objectively see what mistakes I'm making?

Outfit scorecard (animals, people, earth): All animal-free, down to the pleather shoes. Jacket was from a resale shop, jeans and t-shirt were from sweatshop places as were the shoes. So, not so great for labor standards. However, I've had the jeans and shirt for a while - particularly the jeans so their longevity (presumably stopping me from buying more t-shirts and jeans) is a positive.


  1. You look very glamorous in the photo! I know that I have this problem with black, a favorite color of mine on weekends, but I'd do less well with the ethical factor.

    BTW, I did in fact make my factory t-shirt. I'm planning to wear it when I visit F21 and H&M for my window shopping project next month.

  2. I never used to wear black much, but in my current I-have-no-idea-what-I-even-want-to-wear phase I've noticed that I reach out for my one pair of black jeans and black (or navy) sweater almost every day. It's been like that for weeks and weeks now. Over the weekend I read (in a men's style guide) that only undertakers, hitmen and desperate stand-up comedians wear all black. Who knows. I think you look great. Love the lipstick!

  3. i still think it looks good actually. you do suit black.

  4. You can never go wrong with all black in my humble opinion.

  5. You're being too hard on this outfit! I think it looks tough and cool ;) But I can see how a different colored blazer might have spruced it up a bit. Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment on my blog. I'm pretty inspired by looking at your blog and how much you take ethics into consideration along with style.

  6. You look fabulous with black on black. Loved that outfit!


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