Uniform: Black and White Movie

I wore this to:
- work
- clean cage paper and give food/water to 35 feral cats during a shift on a local TNR project

b/w b/w b/w
shirt/Swap a Go Go swap
skirt/American Apparel
belt/Buffalo Exchange, Portland
tights/Maggie's Organics
shoes/Beyond Skin*
*gift from Sunjo Over the Moon

Outfit scorecard: Everything came from swaps, American-made, resale, ethical labor, organic cotton, etc. How ethical clothing is also involves the longevity of the clothes, and I can happily say that the shirt, skirt and tights have at least a few good years in them and it's possible I've worn the shirt and skirt over 50 times.

I love black, gray and stripes so this is pretty indicative of my uniform. I am a walking black and white movie.


  1. Grey is my uniform, which is part of the reason I began blogging. I love the big pockets on the skirt and it looks very comfortable. 50X?

  2. Wow, fifty times? That's awesome! Would be a record for me. I like your shoes ;)

    Great job with your kitties!

  3. I love that. I love it when I realise looking into my wardrobe that there is stuff I wear alot and have had for years. You suit black and white, and grey....go with it i say.


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