I know I've mentioned Everyday Apparel shoes at least thrice on this blog. They are ethically made, vegan and focus on environmental issues in their manufacturing. I finally ordered the Zoetropes and after a rough start, I finally got 'em. (Out of my size and then had to manufacture them for me.) I love them and I wear them all the time. They fulfill my '80s metalhead wrestler hightop sneaker longing. They seem to run big so if you're ordering, size down.

Here they are in a field of early crocuses at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:


More flowers. It's spring already, dudes.
photo 5.JPG

A duck who seemed way too socialized to people
for his own good. He was so close.
photo 4.JPG

And an introduction to the concept that
dentistry has a poet laureate.

photo 5.JPG


  1. Nice shoes, and I like the cuffed denim, too.

    ...and we just got two inches of snow. Ugh.

  2. I am willing to bet there is a poet inside every dentist just waiting to jump out. Is it abnormal for ducks to get close where you live? They are so tame here, most people love the ducks - we have many little streams near where i live and they support ducks and their ducklings. it is very normal for cars to stop on the main road and let families of ducks walk across...and everyone goes "awwwwww".

  3. Those shoes are amazing. How do the sizes run?


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