One thing I will tell you

I know I haven't posted in a week and I know you're like totally dying to know which article of black clothing I wore each day but too bad. Too busy.

I will tell you that Vaute Couture is having a sale.

I also totally forgot to tell you guys that Vaute Couture was sweet enough to include me in their lookbook. (You can click to make this larger but I didn't want to be rude and just enlarge my picture, which already lives on this blog anyway. And no, that is not my real surname.)

vc lookbook

I would have also mentioned that Matt & Nat was on Gilt again except it was an absolute crap sale. An absolute crap sale is a sale where I like zero of the options offered. And I love bags, so you know it was pretty bad. (That said, I've Gilted M&N stuff in the past.)


  1. Nice! I just discovered your blog, and as a fellow vegan/person who wants to avoid sweatshop items, I think it's awesome. Also, it's cool that you do TNR!


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