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Unlike 99.9% of the blogging population, I don't like Valentine's Day. In fact, I used to slap together a zine called I Hate Valentine's Day over almost two decades ago. The sentiment used to be painted on my '80s Buick Regal when I was in college. I no longer loathe the holiday nor do I have an interest in celebrating it. Luckily I partnered up with someone with similar feelings.

But I still managed to wear something pink-ish around VD. As you know, this is about as pink as I get. My motive was to a) finally wear this button-down 7 months after purchase and b) to wear one of my With Care ties.

vegan col sanders

shirt/Housing Works
tie/With Care
skirt/Beacon's Closet, tailored
tights/Maggie's Organics
shoes/gift from Sunjo Over the Moon

Outfit scorecard: The shirt and skirt are pre-owned. The tights are organic cotton blend made in decent working conditions. The tie is With Care via Etsy. The shoes were a gift but also made by Beyond Skin. I have to admit that Beyond Skin was a vegan brand I've totally ignored up until now but the more I poked around their site, the more impressed I was.


  1. You look cute in your anti V-Day getup. So glad you're getting some wear out of those shoes. My feet thank you :)

  2. this outfit is super cute! I need to find more button ups. Also I always hated Valentine's days too. Funny I now have a bf and baby and still could care less. I'm sure once Ellie gets older I will have to acknowledge it.

  3. I love the tie; somehow it seems to make the whole outfit come together. I am biased when it comes to V day, since it is also my birthday, but I am willing to confess that I don't do well with having to share my big day with the love-infested. I'm kidding. Sort of. :)

  4. I like the entire outfit--especially the skirt. We don't make much of a big deal about VD at our house. I attempted to make red velvet whoopie pies and it was disastrous.

  5. This looks great and is inspiring me to iron my similarly-colored skirt

  6. I love the way you tied it at your neck. It looks super cute! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I love the blouse, and the bow is a cute addition.
    I would like to have a romantic v-day... at least once. then i can decide if i like it or not.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I hate Valentine's Day too. We use it as an excuse to eat more chocolate, which really is the limit of acceptability for me. I actually avoid wearing red on Feb. 14, and I never wear pink. Yet I really like your blouse, especially with the tie! Black makes everything better (sign of a possible style rut, I know, but I don't care).

    1. To clarify: MY style rut, not yours!

  9. I love the bit of pink on you with the black bow -- perfect bit of somberness to a floral-patterned shirt (looks very Liberty of London -- oolala).

    My husband and I are actually part of the .1% of non-Valentine Day celebrators. Neither of us celebrated as singletons or when we were dating. We get pitying looks when we tell other friends we don't have plans, but I think I'm missing the valentine/heart gene. Chocolate, flowers and pink year round are fine by me.


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