You do it yourself

Is it bad that I have a whole list of DIY projects I want to do but I really secretly want someone else to come over on a Sunday afternoon and have coffee with me at my dining room table while completing all of my DIYs while I look on and ooh and ahhh and then I get to keep all of them? My dream: YDIYD. (you do it yourself, dude)

Once I am in the crafty swing of things I dig it. But before I actually start craftin' I have horrible flashbacks to when my friend S and I used a tutorial to make men's button downs into cap-sleeved lady button downs. With nary an iota of success among us. Okay, among moi. Capsized cap-sleeve project. Miserable little esteem killer.

Segue: Look at this cute FIV+ kitten who was rescued by Design*Sponge and found a home the same day! Doin' good kitten deeds! Kitten miracles! FIV+ cats can live a nice long life inside in a low-stress environment. Lucky little dude.
urban renewal dress (deadstock, not sure if made in usa) maggie's organics tights vintage shoes via etsy

Outfit scorecard (animals, people, world): Overall this outfit was pretty decent. The Urban Renewal dress didn't indicate where it was made (they are usually within the US), which I didn't realize until after I'd ordered, but it is deadstock. Maggie's Organics has decent labor practices & uses organic cotton. The shoes are vintage (reuse) via Etsy and tagged vegan, which always makes me more likely to buy the item.


  1. As much as I'd like to think that I'm a DIY'er, I really am not. That's just the way it is. If a project is going to take more than an hour, it's usually not going to happen. Oh well! Cute dress, btw!

  2. Haha! Remember that horrible screen print and tie dye job I did on a white sweater? I have quite a list at the moment too...

  3. YDIYD would be right up my alley. Some crafty person could definitely start a YDIYD business.

  4. Oh, we should all do posts on DIY projects that did NOT work out. My husband often rescues mine...

  5. Yes I have like 80 zillion things I'd love to do but never get around to it. Piles and piles of stuff saved for reuse that will probably end up getting donated/recycled, etc. instead... Kind of like what Kelly said, on my list of business ideas is to open a little "Do It Yourself Here or Have Someone Else Finish it For You" type place, where you could take stuff in to work on, using tools provided by the place, while sipping coffee or wine and enjoying company of other like minded folks or whatever, and then leave the project there if you don't get it done and pay so much to have it completed per your general idea. I've never worked out how said business owner would make any money off that though.

  6. I like how you noted how world friendly your outfit is. And bravo!


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