There she rose

I wore this to:
- work
- get eyebrows threaded (truthfully relaxing)
- make horrible, offensive-looking face at camera

I rosed myself because I look like the meanest bastard on earth in this picture. Like I would sell off your baby brother for candy money. Like I would pretend I was throwing up next to you on the subway so you'd get out of your seat to avoid being puked on and then I'd steal your seat. (Okay, I saw some guy do this.)

It just reminds me of Hard Liquor, Soft Holes. (Safe for work.) Except he dresses better.

island getaway
shirt/park slope beacon's closet skirt/american apparel tights/maggie's organics vintage pleather loafers/etsy

Overall, a fairly sustainable labor-friendly outfit. I'm unsure when I started wearing black tights and brown shoes but - that's how she goes, I guess. (All vegan, of course.)


  1. Hey, I love brown shoes with black tights. I think it is fresh with a sort of "I don't give a damn" feel.

  2. I like your rosy face! You know, I've never had my brows threaded. What does it involve?

  3. Omg, you post just brought back a crazy memory. A woman threw up on me on the subway when I was living in Boston. It was grossest experience of my life and I had to throw out my coat. So gross, haha. Luckily it's far enough in the past that I can laugh now!

  4. I also like black with brown. Nothing wrong with that! I've never thought of myself as a potential loafer-wearer, but you might have just convinced me otherwise.

  5. I am another supporter of black with brown! And was relaxing getting your eyebrows threaded? I'm jealous. It always hurts so much that I start crying. So I haven't done it in about a year now! (I may never do it again.)


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