overnight stowaway

Rescue kitty by jesse.anne.o.
Rescue kitty, a photo by jesse.anne.o. on Flickr.
We interrupt self-involved posts about clothing to show you this guy. This little peanut was rescued by my old neighbors. It looks like she was owned and dumped by the cemetery. She's with me overnight so I can bring her to the rescue shelter tomorrow morning.

All she wants is to sit in someone's lap and give little tiny headbutts. She'll be up for adoption soon and hopefully she ends up with some wonderful people.


  1. Ooh, my friend was just saying that he wants to adopt a cat (after spending a lot of time with Buster). Any idea where he's going?

  2. Oooohhh! So cute! The boy is always saying "What if we found a kitten..." That would be his dream come true.

  3. Oh what a pretty kitty!! I hope he gets a good, loving home.

  4. What a pretty cat! He looks to have orange and brown patches like my caliby cat - if that's the case, he's very rare.

  5. @ Rad - I will email you. I owe you an email anyway!

    @ Sarah - I think it ended up being a she but s/he was white with orange patches mixed with gray/brown tabby patches and green eyes. I've rarely seen a cat with this coloring. S/he's a looker!

  6. What a cutie! So glad s/he found a way into your home. It's a rough world for a kitten.


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