Go Go Lunch

I brownbag lunch pretty much every day. Mostly to eat better and save money. But also to avoid buying lunch out with all its relevant wrap/container/box/bag waste.

I started by doing an Americanized bento every day because "cute" food was the only motivating incentive. All of those got posted on the Vegan Bento and Vegetarian Bento flickr pools.

Lately I've just been shoving leftovers into a container but this lunch looked slightly better than some past leftover lunches so I figured I'd throw it into bento pools and share it here so I can talk about some of my favorite to-go containers.

Happy Tiffin stainless steel leak-proof lunch bowl
Plastic double-tier bento via Ebay

Dollar store hankie for apple-wrapping
Plastic store-bought snack container for dressing

How my apple travels to work

(usually has a layer of paper towel under it,
which I use to dry off the apple when I wash it

but it helps act as a buffer, too)

For sandwiches and snacks I use these guys:

picture from Wrapped in Mercy

Having to-go containers that I liked and that worked for me was an important part of getting in the habit of bringing lunch regularly. For a while I was using double-tier bentos on a daily basis. Sometimes I put a lot of carb or protein rich stuff in the bigger portion and only brought one. Other days I loaded up two. But I couldn't do anything that would leak because the bentos are not sealed tight, even with that little band. Too bad - they're so cute otherwise and a good size to tuck into bags.

That's when I got the Happy Tiffin leak-proof lunch bowl (in two sizes) so that has expanded my lunch horizons. I can fit them in my regular bag if I really want to although the larger one is a stretch. But they're really handy.

Do you brown bag it? If you do, what do you use to bring your lunches in?


  1. Wow, so cute! I need to get better about bringing lunch. Since I moved to NY and there are so many temptations by my office it's very hard. I like your apple wrap idea.

  2. i have a few glasslock containers, but none that are the right dimension for a sandwich, so they get used for salads, hummus, fruit, cookies, etc. when i bring a sandwich, i usually wrap it in aluminum foil. i'd like to get a tiffin or a bento box.

  3. thanks for sharing what you use! I need to invest in some of these for when I go back to work

  4. This excites me. I received two bento boxes as gifts and am planning to start taking my lunch the three days a week I go to campus. I've been stalking bento ideas everywhere and I'll bet I've come across a few of yours.

  5. I take my lunch with me too! I use old salsa jars for soup/stirfry/pasta/etc, and carry it all in one of three STRAND bookstore totes that I have lying around. I leave a fork and spoon at work, as well as a Corningware bowl with silicon lid and a jar of oatmeal, in case I don't have time to eat before work which I usually don't. My work locker is more like a pantry. I think I have a cloth napkin, coffee mug, small jar of sugar and a bag of raisins in there too, at the moment.

  6. A cute lunch is a tempting lunch.

    I use two sizes of pyrex bowls. Sturdy and spill-proof, so I just tuck them in whatever bag I'm carrying. Sometimes I get bento box envy, but the potential for leaking scares me away.

  7. I always take a packed lunch to work and colleagues are always amazed! But I can't afford to buy lunch everyday, plus I work near two big universities so the queues in the shops are always really long. The hankie-wrapped apple is a trick I'll be stealing off you.

  8. I love the bento box idea! This might motivate me to bring a lunch and save some money. The cafeteria at my work has vegan options and an amazing recycling/composting plan so it's easy to be lazy.


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