Dolphins & Squirrels

For those of you who are interested in the animal-type stuff on this blog:

Just passing on the word that my friend E is in Japan, cataloging the dolphin round ups and capture/killing. You are probably familiar with this practice thanks to The Cove, which I am still too much of a baby to watch. (I know what goes on in it and and I know I'm opposed to it - I don't need to see a bloody sea to be convinced.)

picture from Ocean on Fire

You can find his blog Ocean on Fire here, documenting that the round ups are still going on. And you can find the info on dolphins here, at the Sea Shepherd site.

To make this less of a bummer post, look at this squirrel I saw eating out of a spoon!

spoon squirrel


  1. Wherever did the squirrel find a spoon?

  2. The dolphins bummed me out, but that squirrel is pretty impressive. A squirrel ripped a big hole in our pantry's screen window this spring and was caught red-handed on the counter, going after the bread. Resourceful little rodents, those squirrels.

  3. @ Terri - s/he was next to a trash can on the sidewalk so I'm guessing in there!

    @ Kelly - wow, that's a pretty brave little squirrel!

  4. I laughed out loud at the squirrel. I needed that pick-me-up after the dolphins. I've seen The Cove. Important work, but I can't unsee it :( I'm going to check out your friend's blog.


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