(basic) black & blue

All of my favorite clothing articles are black cotton with silver studs on them. I haven't decided if this is kickback to my hair metal days or if this is truly my life's aesthetic calling. Is my mind is hard-wired to love this combination, its place in trending be damned? Nature? Nurture? My mother did dress me in tiny rocker baby clothes, adorned with Rolling Stones lips logos and the like.

Speaking of the way-past past, the other day I felt compelled to wear a bracelet-chained-to-ring combo. (Not the Rachel Bolan nosering-chained-to-earring though; that was never my thing.) If I find one secondhand, I'm on it.

favorite sweater
skirt/vintage, tailored
tights/maggie's organics
shoes/cri de coeur hearts of darkness, splendor

Outfit scorecard (animals, people, world): The skirt's secondhand, the tights are organic and carry decent labor practices. The shoes are a vegan brand and have a "sweat-shop free" claim to their China manufacturing. The sweater is sweatshop. I bought it on a day I was underdressed for the weather and it's about 2 years old now, and in heavy rotation. All vegan, of course.


  1. "I haven't decided if this is kickback to my hair metal days or if this is truly my life's aesthetic calling."

    False dichotomy. All of the above.

  2. Your mum dressed you as a baby rocker? That's pretty cute you know. Maybe she just always knew.

  3. Gah, I have searched and searched in the thrifts for a sweater like this, though I want mine in grey!

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  5. I love the studded look on you. I bet you'd think it's funny if you saw photos of my industrial phase.

  6. I had a sweater just like that was studded in rhinestones. I loved it so much it disintegrated to threads and studs after many wearings.


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