via Citizen Rosebud - animal-friendly vintage line (Sacremento, CA)

Here is some vegan fashion news for my fellow vegans.

Look at this cool idea: Citizen Rosebud has opened Citizen Vegan, a line of vegan-friendly vintage items, at Never Felt Better. Never Felt Better is a vegan goods store in Sacremento, CA. If you're in the area, Citizen Rosebud urges you to "check out her rack".

Please file this under "Ideas I Wish Were Mine". How jazzed would I be if I could vintage shop somewhere without having to check the tag every time I picked up a sweater or silk-seeming shirt?

This reminds me - I would seriously like to get on top of organizing a vegan-friendly clothes/accessories swap in NYC.

Picture stolen
from Citizen Rosebud post
(linked above)


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