Oh, the Owsla

19 days into Dressember. I am starting to feel it. Firstly, contrary to popular belief, I am tired of taking photos of myself every single gd day. I feel like a kid some overbearing mom pushed into kid-modeling some days. Now you will understand why I'm sometimes posting dark iphone photos. They are fast and easy. ("Mom, are we dooooone yet?")

Secondly, it is getting dang cold. Thank Frith for legwarmers. (I have Watership Down on my mind today.)

But! Dressember has forced me to wear those bastard child dresses I'd been ignoring. Now that I remember why I don't wear them, I either have to purge them or start wearing them in different ways. (This was my master plan for "doing" Dressember all along.)

Without further self-referential wordy harping about my closet, here are two dresses.

I wore this to:
- work
- attend a photo studio fundraiser for a makeup artist with stage 4 cancer
- eat dinner at Gobo

boo! (the 15th)
dress/vanilla and lace

I love the design of this Vanilla and Lace dress. I love everything in her store. Unfortunately the shoulders are slightly wide on me so the extra material in the shoulders slides forward and makes the front of the dress tent up front at the collar. Also it collects lint like a piece of scotch tape. And one of the back seams is kind of crooked. However, for $60 and this being a totally handmade super cute dress, I still think it's a deal. I will likely just have my tailor fix the shoulders and probably take up the hem and put it into regular rotation. I will order from her again and I will probably do exact measurements/custom order next time - just being honest about the dress I currently have.

I wore this to:
- work
- go to a community group meeting
- ignore my stringy hem
- alter the hell out of this dark photo so you can see anything

Friday the 16th
dress/beacon's closet park slope
tights/american apparel



  1. thank you for being really honest about the V & L dress. i've been eyeing them since i saw you wear this one on flickr. The slightly wider shoulders will be good for me (i am very broad), and it is an excellent price. Thank goodness for the invention of coloured tights i say - they make winter more cheery with a dress/skirt

  2. I love the Vanilla and Lace dress! I just checked out her store and could not resist a blouse! So much for my new years resolution to spend less on clothes. But so pretty and such a good price!


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