My friend Maya on vegan makeup for the holidays

My friend Maya is awesome in so many ways. Ever since she told me her plans for a post on vegan makeup for the holidays, I've been anxiously awaiting it. And ever since I've been hitting her up for vegan makeup answers. ("What black eyeliner are you using now?" "Do you know of a vegan powder blush that's decent?") While it's true that I go through phases where I don't use makeup at all, there are periods when I do with Baby Jane gusto.

So here it is - "Great Makeup for the Holidays, Minus the Cruelty" by Maya, via Huffington Post.

I've been pretty loyal to Urban Decay over the years, particularly since they are fantastic about labeling what's vegan. I use the 24/7 black eyeliner, Lush Lash mascara, lipstick and their Baked Bronzer. I also have their Ink for Eyes, which I used before their liquid liner became vegan.

But! Knowing that everything Maya listed is vegan, it makes me a little more confident to branch out. Those OCD lip tars sound kind of rulin', don't they?


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