In the spirit of giving

I wore this to:
- go to work
- eat 3 desserts in one day

I don't turn down vegan desserts unless they look like they're "healthy" - the ones that look and taste like rocky dirt or have a lot of whole grains in them. But when they're cupcake, brownie and coconut/jam kind of desserts, I don't turn them down. No matter how many I encounter in one day.

Maybe I am in a sugar-crash induced depression this week - I can't shake feeling bad about everything we can't help immediately. I feel miserable for farm animals who are in our factory farming systems as I type - battery hens, calves, pigs, baby chicks. I feel bad for homeless dogs, cats, bunnies and other companion animals who are lacking human companions to care for them. I feel bad for outdoor cats who don't have regular shelter and food because they're not part of a managed TNR colony. I feel bad for the kids who don't have a stable home life. Or parents who are too afraid to leave their abusive spouses. And their kids. And their pets. I feel bad for my grandparents and their health issues. I feel bad for everything that suffers.

It is probably survivor's guilt. I look at my little dudes...

Peek a Boo Kitty

and think how lucky they are to have a safe place to sleep at night and that I, given how many paths I could have taken in life, ended up here - safe and sound.

What is the "next right thing" I can do to help them? Feeling bad isn't going to help them. What helps is thinking about what I already have done (rescuing animals, going vegan...but the direct human help - humans are a little trickier to help directly) and thinking of what else I can do. I have some ideas.

In the meantime, this year I'll be giving to the following for the holidays:
- Farm Sanctuary
- Alley Cat Allies
- local animal control
- Safe Horizons
- NY Public Library (because books were such a big part of my childhood stability)

Oh, yeah. Here is the dress.

the 14th
dress/urban renewal
tights & oxfords/sweatshop


  1. There's so much we can't easily change (or refuse to change), and it depresses the hell out of me, too. Maybe it's all the Christmas marketing--- all the talk about happiness makes me wonder who isn't happy...

  2. i have no answers. and i say that sadly. i know of two families where the kids are emotionally abused, like sworn at, or given too much responsibility and told they're useless. i don't know what to do. i think that the govt agencies can only assist when it is physical abuse. anyhow, your post just made me determined to find out what exactly it is that i CAN do. and i f*cking love that dress.

  3. If feeling bad fixed things, I'd have EVERYTHING fixed by now. I'm great at feeling bad.

    My two rescue dogs are oblivious to all of it though :-)


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