Dressember Round Up

Here's a whole slew of past-due Dressembers. I'm now officially done with 1/3 of Dressember. What I'm realizing was that pushing myself to wear bow ties when none of my dresses have collars was kind of short-sighted. And that I hate most of my sweater dresses because they leave little to the imagination. So when it gets colder expect to see a lot of sweater dresses with skirts.

In real-life news, mostly I've been working and, at times, still trying to put the apartment together. Which seems like an uphill battle, as if we are the first two people to have to scale such an insurmountable task. I won't be inviting you over for tea until June 2012 at this rate.

I wore this to:
- do a 2 hour presentation
- work

Dressember the 8th
tights/american apparel

I wore this to:
-attend an 8 hour work training session

Dressember the 9th
dress/beacons closet (reuse)
cardigan & tights/american apparel

I wore this to:
-move furniture
- get to farmer's market late
- get to vegan book swap late
- see Wizard of Oz on big screen in Jersey City
- eat dark chocolate covered frozen banana (vegan!)
- requisite "there's always money in the banana stand" jokes

Dressember the 10th
dress/resale shop
tights/american apparel
shoes/hearts of darkness by cri de coeur (lure)

I wore this to:
- hit up secret thrift store for DIY project materials
-move furniture

Dressember the 11th
dress & tights & socks/american apparel
skirt & shoes/sweatshop

I wore it similarly here and here is the whole dress.



  1. Nice outfits! Sounds like you've been really busy.

  2. Banana grabber!

    Is the first dress one of the sweater dresses that leaves little to the imagination? I think it looks great--- so minimal! so sleek! --- but if you feel exposed, I'll back down.

    My new job requires me to wear khakis and sneakers, two of my least favorite things ever. I'll have to live vicariously through your style.

  3. The little white dress with the grey cardigan is lovely. What a variety of outfits you've got going here. Love it. I'm impressed with your sticking to the dresses. I feel like I could never do a challenge like this. I always get super-rebellious and decide that no one, including me is gonna tell me what to wear ;)

  4. Hey thanks for the shout-out, Jesse! I'm glad we got to meet up serendipitously at another tasty vegan meetup!


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