Dressember the 7th

I wore this to:
- work
- hair appointment

Urban Renewal is one of those (sub)brands that I feel aight about purchasing. (Unlike most other retail chain brands.) Typically the material is deadstock, salvaged or reworked from something else and put together in the US of A so I imagine real live adults with legit jobs are making stuff. I guess I stopped checking where things are made in the product details because I ended up with two dresses that, while made from deadstock materials, didn't mention where they were made recently.

This one was made in the US, I believe. It has a collar but it gets lost in the...busyness.

Dressember the 7th
dress/urban renewal (salvaged fabric, made in usa)
shoes/vivienne westwood for melissa



  1. Way to go on Dressember! I am in the throes of finishing grad school, so I just didn't feel up to it this year... maybe next. In wasting time while trying to finish my thesis I joined lookbook.nu... are you on it? xo!

  2. I love this style of dress, especially in winter. The pattern makes me feel jazzy.

  3. the boots with this are so cute!


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