Dressember the 6th

I wore this to:
- work
- attend Architects for Animals

Dressember the 6th
dress/Buffalo Exchange, Seattle
shoes & leggings/sweatshop
cardigan/American Apparel
brooch/handmade, comics fest

My boyfriend made a side comment to me about whether the things I wear with leggings are actually dresses or tunics. I assure you that, for better or worse, I wear all of these as dresses sans leggings when the weather is right.

Here's the same dress, summer-style. Note: it is passing the fingertip test.

Fremont Troll



  1. it's a pretty dress. I like the big collar and bow(?)....what if one has short arms, is the fingertip test valid then? My personal skirt length test is the bendover challenge - because i am always bent over picking up kids or toys..


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