Dressember the 4th

I wore this to:
- take a bike safety class at 718 Cyclery
- bike to a holiday market at Cut (Soapwalla!)
- eat Thanksgiving leftovers (vegan) sandwich @ 'snice
- bike to By Brooklyn to pick up holiday gift order
- bike to DeKalb markets (eat brussels & chestnut rice ball...really)
- bike home

In case you didn't notice, I biked a lot both weekend days. And on busy roads. I get that this is something people do all the time. But I'm not everyone. Lazy people are allowed to celebrate when they are like semi-athletic people for a change. So. Huzzah, lazy-self!

(No Violets were harmed in the making of these pictures.)

Dressember the 4th

Dressember the 4th with Violet
dress, leggings, socks & shoes/sweatshop



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