Dressember the 3rd

I wore this to:
- bike to Williamsburg
- see just a few minutes of Phoebe Gloeckner
- bike back home in the cold (perpetually underdressed for weather)
- lunch @ Urban Rustic (club!)
- best dinner of not-dogs loaded w/hummus, fried onion, veganaise, ketchup, black olives

Bummed to miss all of Phoebe Gloeckner's talk, especially since she was discussing her ongoing project (dioramas, women murdered, Juarez). But I got 4 comics and a t-shirt that reminded me of a Pushead illustration.

(I assure you I also had vegetables for dinner.)

Dressember the 3rd

pins, including Avon 1972 dessicated *glace* skunk pin

dress & pin/vintage
tights/american apparel
shoes & shirt/sweatshop



  1. Ooh - that is a gorgeous dress!

  2. It is totally okay. I'm a bit of a flake myself. I just get in these moods...

    I was in Austin while you were there, which is a definitely small world.

  3. Great tights! I love the color. They punch the outfit up nicely.

  4. That dress is super cute and I LOVE The pin!

  5. Thanks, dudes!

    @ Alyson - such a small world. One day...we shall meet.

  6. Great LBD and that skunk pin reminds me of one I had as a kid, I think it was from Avon, and the body of the skunk would flip forward and there was like a little pot of waxy perfume in there or something.


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