Dressember the 1st

I wore this to:
- work
- role play interviewing someone in a work training
- have my green moving boxes picked up
- slog through the end of Eating the Dinosaur

I know I've been missing 'round these parts lately.

I hope you all had excellent Halloweens. I was in Austin, Tx for work and forgot about Halloween. So much so that when I started hearing weird mumbled microphone noises from the parking lots adjacent to our hotel, I just assumed the strip club nearby had a really lousy announcer for their dancers. It wasn't until a little later that I figured out there was a pop-up haunted house set up in one of the other parking lots.

I also hope you had a thankful Thanksgiving. This year we visited friends of my boyfriend's family. This was my first and probably only participation in a reenactment of Noah's Ark, complete with DIY alligator mask and biblical passages orated. (We all made our own masks with the provided craft supplies. Someone else orated.) It was probably the most interesting Thanksgiving I've had, and I have a lot of drunken relatives in my family to endure on holidays so that's saying something.

Dressember 1st
cardigan & shoes/sweatshop
tights/maggie's organics
dress/resale from blogger

Dressember the 1st




  1. very cute. laughed big at the thought of a crappy stripclub announcer...did you cut your hair?

  2. Your hair is Anna Karina-adorable.


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