Cookie Monster & Bonus Cuteness

I wore this to:
- volunteer at a cat/dog/bunny adoption event in Manhattan
- attend a holiday vegan cookie swap (holy stuffed piehole, Batman!)
- holiday shop

My faaavorite cookies at the swap:
1) Oreos-inside-chocolate chip cookies (Oreos are "accidentally vegan")
2) homemade peppermint patties
3) rocky road clusters (vegan tiny marshmallows, pretzels, peanuts, in dark chocolate)

Yesterday I found out that my blessed angel coworker who makes cookies for our entire agency added a vegan cookie version this year (gingerbread?) and someone grabbed a few for me before they were all gone. Holy f'n mmmmm.

That said, I'm committing to kale salad with tomatoes, tofu and tahini dressing for lunch for the week. With apples as snacks. My body has probably forgotten what to do with green foods at this point.

the 18th
beanie/brooklyn thrift
dress/sweatshop (dress proof here)
boots/hearts of darkness - cri de coeur (rebel)

This is one of the little buddies who was up for adoption this past weekend! Unfortunately this kitty is still at the shelter. Can you believe it?! Due to the economy (and more and more people having to give up their pets), adoptions have slowed for a lot of shelters and rescue groups so if you don't have pets and are thinking about adopting a cat, dog or bunny (or adding on to your current family), now is a great time!

for adoption!

Adult cats make great pets - you already know the personality you're getting and they have a much harder chance of getting out of the shelter because people fixate on kittens (who just become adult cats in a few months anyway).


  1. What a cute little kitty! The rescue I work for gets tons of adult cats on their last day at the shelter as well as dogs. It's so hard to find homes for all of them but so nice when you do!

  2. Aaaww, he's so cute! i would love another cat, but two is enough for a one bedroom flat. Of all the cats I've owned, only one has been a kitten when we got her, and i would only ever get adult ones now. I like to know what they're like!

  3. Your skirt! It's just amazing! :)

  4. Love the skirt! Adorable kitteh!

    Greatly enjoyed your gift matrix.

    Happy happy hollydays to you and yours.

  5. That skirt is awesome! Woodland prints are the best :). Good find.



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