2012, watch out.

Here's a retrospective on my 2011, blog-style. I expect to kick out the jams in 2012. That's my only goal.

2011. Year in blog-review.
  1. Discovered Film Biz Recycling
  2. Got a backpack
  3. Saw mouse prints in the snow
  4. Had pretty long hair
  5. Went to a mending circle
  6. Looked at my plastic consumption
  7. Reviewed some thrift stores
  8. Figured out how to wear stuff I previously hated
  9. Remembered I owned shoe clips
  10. Bought tights at Super Hero Supply Company
  11. Made tiny vegan cherry pies
  12. Made a terrarium (that died within a week)
  13. Wore a floor length gown that was my grandmother's
  14. Went to the Museum of Moving Image
  15. Made cashew milk
  16. Did some community work re sexual assault and rape
  17. Got a new bike (Linus!) and bike baskets (Basil!)
  18. Went to the Mermaid Parade
  19. Made necklaces at Brooklyn Charm
  20. Wrote about the "greenness" of pleather vs. leather
  21. Made cashew cheese
  22. Went to a Catskills wedding
  23. Went to Nova Scotia
  24. Shopped at the "Say Yes to the Dress" store
  25. Wrote about my feral cats
  26. Wrote about some of the animals at Farm Sanctuary
  27. Posted pictures of my Wonder Woman/Hello Kitty car from high school
  28. Helped organize a several hundred person rally against sexual assault
  29. Made a denim vest out of a kid's jean jacket
  30. Moved in with my boyfriend
  31. Talked about vegan makeup
I also completed my "official" 2011 goal of training for and running a 5k. I took the Couch to 5k program from a 9 week program and made it into a 5 week program (bad idea) and gave myself runner's knee in the process (painful) but I did it.

The same cannot be said for Spanish language class -- that is a goal that will have to rollover to 2012. Eche las mermeladas?


  1. your 2011 blogwise looks a million times more intersting than mine. Mine would be something like
    1. made bag 2. whats been happening 3. made bag 4. what's been happening.....you get the picture.

  2. @Teeny - oh please! You know that is not true.

  3. Great list, amazing to see that you have been so sustainable in 2011. I am planning on training for running in 2012 and learning Spanish.

  4. Oooo, "kick out the jams" is an awesome resolution. I'd like to do that too.

    Fun recap, I think I only started reading/following more toward the middle. Has been nice to meet you (does that sound weird?) . Sending you New Year's well wishes.

    Just realizing I never tried bleaching my black dress, as was an idea of yours... I guess there are still a couple days left to try it!

  5. @ Ceri - that is awesome that we have the same goals for 2012. Looking forward to seeing your mentions of them throughout 2012.

    @Sandra - I already posted to your blog but basically - right back atcha!

  6. So glad we met in 2011 and I had fun with some of the stuff on your list :)

  7. Oh wait, I'm confused, we met at the end of 2010!!

  8. @ Suzanne - yes but I think it was like Dec 2010. So really, 2011! I'm glad you were a part of like half the things on that list, too. And now we have all of 2012 ahead of us!


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