white roses mean what?

white roses mean what? by jesse.anne.o.
white roses mean what?, a photo by jesse.anne.o. on Flickr.

The only point of note from today's outfit.

White roses, according to my sources, mean unity, weddings or remembrance. And purity. Turns out white roses are pretty versatile.

"Hey, I'm going to marry you."
"U-N-I-T-yyyy that spells unity."
"Hey, I am going to remember you."
"Thanks for being my 110% pure friend!"

(My sources were, as per usual, the innernettes.)


  1. So, if white roses mean "unity" and "unity" means "U-N-I-T-YYYYYYYYY" does that mean that white roses will "let 'em know you're not a bitch or a ho"? Cause I'm pretty down with that.

  2. @ Elizabeth - I am pretty sure this is the case. WHITE ROSES FOR ALL! (Or most.)

  3. In some societies white is the color of death. Not sure if that is true for white roses or just the color white. Cute belt anyway.

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