You ain't missing much

I'm unsure what about this fall has thrown me into a total funk but you're not missing much in the way of outfit pictures, that's for sure. My big project lately has been purging my apartment of unnecessary objects, which includes a lot of grunt work so I've looked like this:


...pretty much all the time. Like a pissed hobo who wears her socks and jeans like a '90s hardcore dude. You're welcome.

I've also developed a week-long hankering for not-dogs with chipotle hummus, ketchup, mustard and pickles. My assumption is that this will pass or those of you who reside in NYC will have to do an intervention.

The up-side?

- I've started reading Fargo Rock City
- I'm up to Significant Others in the Tales of the City series
- I got rid of 8 boxes of stuff at a charity stoop sale
- I got rid of my old tv at electronics recycling
- I got awesome new running shoes (even though I'm injured and can't run now):Look at those magnificently embarrassing colors. They were out of the black/purple version when I went to get my running gait analyzed and buy new shoes so I figured if I couldn't get those, I should go for the gold (amongst other colors). They are so bright they make my feet feel faster and when I ran in them they made me think of Bill Murray in Meatballs.


  1. Whoooooaaaaaa! Those shoes must possess magical properties. There's no believing otherwise.

  2. Wow...I desperate need new sneakers too...have holes in mine!

  3. oh sweet jesus they are AWESOME! also, well done on the clear out. We are due one of those soon, but it's haaaard to let go!

  4. Those are some spectacular sneaks - they look like they have special powers! I'm also a fan of your outfit - it looks like my go to winter outfits I wear pretty much daily. Cute!

  5. I have been having a lot of days like this myself. Jeans and Ts or plain sweaters. It's comfy, it works, it doesn't look horrible. I like your high cuffs, I think they are great. And those sneakers! I thought my magenta ROOS were bright, but your win the prize.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA those sneaks are AWESOME.

  7. Love the shoes. And I like the pissed hobo look. I've been doing a bit of the same here in PDX, only with low rainboots. It works!

  8. I've been doing a bit of the same here in PDX, only with low rainboots. It works!


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